FIVE FRIDAY FAVORITES // travel essentials

As a travel junkie & Amazon shopaholic, I have found travel essentials that I can’t live without on vacation! Browse through the list & see if any of them tickle your fancy!

Travel Cubes- These things are spectacular. I first used them on a trip to Mexico. I purchased 2 packs— one for me & one for my husband. When packing, we chose one cube for shirts, one for dresses, one for pants/shorts, etc. It made unpacking once we got to paradise a breeze! All we did was take our cubes out and put them in our drawers. Since everything was folded nicely inside the cubes it was easy to keep everything separated & easy to find.

l i n k : TRAVEL CUBES

Neck Pillow- Whether if it’s traveling in a car or plane, I NEED my neck pillow. It’s definitely a personal preference, but it can elevate your comfort level at least 2 notches. Mine is old and worn out, but here is a great one to check out!

l i n k : NECK PILLOW

Refillable Travel Bottles- Being conscious of your plastic use is very important as the world gets older. And when you have blonde color treated hair you can’t buy the travel shampoos at Walmart anyways, so these refillable ones are a great option! What I like about these is that they are squeezable so you can easily get every last drop! It also comes with plenty of bottles to bring all of your bathroom essentials [shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, lotion, etc.].


Power Strip- Everyone has one of these around the house, but we have a dedicated travel power strip along with travel phone chargers so we don’t have to worry about breaking down our charging set up. It may be simple for most people to just grab a phone cord, but we each have a charging hub on both sides of the bed for all of our electronics! If you frequently travel, this small travel tip will save you some stress when you return from your vacation!

l i n k : POWER STRIP

Digital Travel Scale- Hi, my name’s Sally & I’m an over-packer. I’m always teetering on the edge of 50 pounds so this travel scale is a must for me because I don’t like paying oversized bag fees. Instead of sorting through my undies in front of everyone in the American Airlines line, I like to get everything in order before I leave the hotel! It saves me a lot of hassle & gives me peace of mind when waiting in those long lines to check luggage. Get one and pack it in your purse or carry on… or in your luggage. I know I won’t have any extra space, but maybe you will!

l i n k : TRAVEL SCALE

Until next time!

Note: If you purchase items through my links, I may receive a portion of the proceeds. I’m just a 30 year old girl just trying to support my dogs & my amazon addiction.

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