Hot Springs continues to grow & we are always adding to our list of restaurants to add to our rotation. I don’t always eat at expensive, fancy restaurants, but when I do… it’s one of these on the list. [Dos Equis, anyone?]

Whether it be date night, birthday or anniversary dinner, or you just like to be fancy ALL. THE. TIME. [no judgement, we want to be like you] then give these places a try.

VAULT AT 723- 723 Central Avenue, Hot Springs- This restaurant is located downtown in what used to be a bank [you can even dine in the original “vault”]. Spoiler alert— THE MENUS LIGHT UP! Seriously, I was amazed. Everyone I have dined with there always has the same WOW reaction when they open the menus. But, it makes so much sense because it’s a dimly lit restaurant. I highly recommend the filet mignon with the hollandaise sauce. It was extraordinary. The rolls they bring you taste like you are eating a pillow [a very tasty, warm, slightly sweet pillow]. The mashed potatoes were piped to perfection on our plate. It was phenomenal! For dessert we had the creme brulee! I am all about a classic vanilla creme brulee and this definitely hit the spot. Bring your spouse, bring your friends, I don’t care who you bring, just go eat their food!

501 PRIME- 215 East Grand, Hot Springs- Once again…. get the steak!!! If you aren’t in the mood for steak, try out the Wild Mushroom & Truffle Rissotto! Every once in a while they have an oyster special for $1 Oysters. I try my best to stay away from oysters, but I know that’s a pretty good deal! You can also visit their upstairs bar area where they serve drinks & an appetizer/small plates menu!

BONES CHOPHOUSE- 3920 Central Avenue, Hot Springs- With a name like Bones Chophouse, YOU ALREADY KNOW I am going to recommend the steak. I will save you the details. Just order the steak! However, if you aren’t feeling the steak I can actually make a few other recommendations. The Chardonnay Chicken is what dreams are made of. The Walleye & the Chicken Alfredo are also top notch! For an appetizer, order the fried calamari. The sweet garlic chili sauce that comes with it will make you slap your mama!

FROGGYS- 1834 Airport Road, Hot Springs- Froggy’s may indicate that they have a wide assortment of frog legs and that’s all, but that’s not the case. However, if you are a frog leg lover I don’t think you will be disappointed as they do indeed have Frog Legs on the menu. I cannot attest to their flavor as I try to stay away from frogs, but I am sure they are scrumptious. Now that’s out of the way we can go on to tastier things [no offense to the frog leg lovers]. Again… can not go wrong with the steak. I repeat. YOU. CANNOT. GO. WRONG. WITH. THE. STEAK. They also have so many other delicious items like the Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Fried Steak, Sriracha Fries, ALL of the hamburgers, and probably everything else on the menu is DE-licious!

LUNA BELLA- 104 Grand Isle Way, Hot Springs- Luna Bella is a Hot Springs favorite. If you want high end Italian, you have to eat there. Their chef is outstanding! I don’t even have any recommendations other than the. entire. menu. You will not be disappointed. If I HAD to choose, I’d tell you to order the Pan Seared Scallops, Lobster & Shrimp Risotto, or Penne alla Vodka. Make sure you save room for dessert. You already know I’m going to say it… CREME BRULEE! I am a creme brulee connoisseur, just trust me.

Whatever you’re celebrating, even if it’s just a typical night out, I know you will be satisfied with each of these restaurants ambiance & food!

Go out and enjoy a delicious meal!

Until next time!

Sally Mason